City Color Timeless Beauty Palette

Have you ever browsed Youtube then find yourself on a random video and didn't understand how you got there? Yea, that's me. ALL THE TIME. Which leads me to City Color Cosmetics - an affordable brand that's available only online. Prices range from $5-25USD. I came across a video of someone stating that this was a good dupe for the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Face Palette. Even though I don't agree that this is a dupe, I do think it's a great alternative for those who can't afford or simply don't want to shell out $52USD for the Becca palette.

Brand: City Color Cosmetics
Where to Purchase: Online
Price: $25 USD (I got thison sale for $14USD during 4th of July)
Pros: Pigmented, Smooth Texture, Packaging, Price
Cons: Only available online

The palette contains four blushes - two mattes and two soft shimmers, and three highlighters/bronzers. You get a nice metallic gold casing with 'Timeless Beauty Palette' in shiny gold font (which was hard for me to capture lol) and a large, full sized mirror. I also like that this palette has some weight to it. It's not flimsy and I could tell it won't break easily.

There aren't any names for the shades in this palette which can be a inconvenience. The pans are quite generous - a plus! City Color is actually known for their 'Be Matte' blushes, so I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched and started playing around with them. They're just slightly powdery, but feel soft to the touch and glides on nicely.

Now, I do have to say, even though the highlighter shades look light enough to use on the cheekbones, they have an overspray. So once you swipe off the first layer, the colors are a bit deeper. For deeper skinned beauties, these would look great! I can only get away with using the middle shade as a highlighter. The other two I actually use on my eyes.

That aside, City Color claims that they would make good bronzers. Nope - way too shimmery as a bronzer, so not sure why they'd recommend using them that way. As for the blushes, even in the blended swatches, you can see that they're quite pigmented. I'm loving the blushes.

I'm quite happy with this purchase and I do recommend that checking out City Color. They tend to have sales, and you get free shipping if you order over $25USD. I'll be comparing this with the Becca palette this week so keep a look out. Happy Sunday!

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